Yogeshanand Raut
Oracle Certified Developer. 9 year old
App Developer . AI Agent Programmer . Arduino and IoT Enthusiast
YORA Lab ♦ http://yoralab.com ♦ y dot raut@yoralab.com

I am Yogeshanand Raut, a student of Grade 5. Welcome to my web page. Email: neoninjacoder@gmail.com

Yogesh Raut

App Development

I love developing Android Apps, both games and educational ones. I have also built  some apps for other organizations.
App Development

Arduino and IoT Programming

I love building autonomous bots and appliances like coffee makers, room cleaners etc. using Arduino Kits. I started this hobby after using mBot and mBot Ranger.
App Development

AI Agent Programming

I love building intelligent agents based on IBM Watson, Google Dialog Flow and my own code inspired by ALICE.
App Development

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